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Blank fabric - it's your canvas to share your art, message, design, style, etc. We are excited to see what you will print for the world.

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Our 6-Step Process

An Amarillo Print Shop

Making custom clothing and homeware may seem intimidating, but we like to make it really easy for you.

It's nice to know what you can expect before you contact us - read our 6 step process - we want you to be taken care of and clear communication is the best start!

Please, let us know if you have any questions.

Get Started
Step 1 - Tell us your idea
Here are 4 options to get started with us:

1.) Fill out this online form
2.) Send us an email
3.) Call Us
4.) Messenger owl
Step 2 - Send your order details
We need to know 10 things to get you a quote and to get started:

- Project name
- Type of product
- Quantity, Sizes, Color
- If you already have artwork
- Number of colors in the design
- Placement of the design
- When you need the order
- Any other order details
- Contact information
- How you heard about us
Step 3 - Confirm your order details
Before we start printing, we confirm that everything is right. "Measure twice, cut once" right?
Step 4 - Time to Print
This is when things get exciting! We apply your design to your product and let you know when it is done.
Step 5 - Delivery
If you are local, we can deliver, but we can also ship to your location.
Step 6 - Show the world!
Hey, you did it! Enjoy wearing, using, selling, gifting your new custom order!

You can also send us a picture of your order in action through email or post on social media using #sparrowprintinghouse
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We will send you a quote on your custom screen-printing project within 24 business hours!

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